Are those real people?

No! The idea was to have a place where my wife and I could work together. Then we thought we could share the page with co-workers.

This is the first phase. The next one is to connect real people.

What are the little blue and red circles?

The number of times you finished a pomodoro (working) or resting.

How do I reset the little circles?

Refresh the page.

How do I mute the sound?

You can mute the tab or your pc. I want to add a mute button but I'll have to implement notifications somehow. If not, what is the use of a timer without sound if there are no notifications?

Anything else?

Ask me on @arturcarvalho. I love feedback! If you want to be notified when there are real users connecting to rooms message me on twitter.

I'd really like to have more people using it. It would help me feel more connected when working remotely.



Hero Icons


Door Chime


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